Promise Proteomics ethos is to develop innovative mass spectrometry-based technologies to address protein absolute quantification in biological samples.

Promise protects its innovative developments by national and international patents and brands.

These rights secure the exclusive marketing of our unique products and thus contribute to the economic success of our company.


We understand that the first step to living your best life is good health. Everything we make is designed to help you do just that. That’s our commitment to building life-changing technologies that keep your heart healthy, nourish your body at every stage of life, help you feel and move better, and bring you information, medicines and breakthroughs to manage your health.


The BUHLMANN GROUP is a premium trading company for steel pipes, pipe fittings and accessories around the world. It stands out for its quality and global service. The more than 55,000-ton stock range is spread across nine warehouses.

The BUHLMANN GROUP also provides various extras such as special fittings based on drawings or pipes made of round steel. Splitting, chamfering, reboring, turning and carrying out special work are also common extras which are available on request. This amounts to a storage area of 136,000 square metres in total.