The IATDMCT 2021 Congress is being organized on-site following all the security procedures in the prospect that the pandemic situation will be controlled by the end of 2021.

The Organizing Secretariat is working on a detailed safety protocol to follow and all staff members will be trained in order to follow the procedures for preventing the spread of the virus. The protocol will dictate all the measures that organizers, participants, sponsors, suppliers and every person involved in the Congress will need to follow. Participants will be able to upload a certificate for the vaccine during the registration, or to pre-purchase at a reduced fee and swab outside the Congress venue, to guarantee the safety of everyone during the Congress and the social activities.
Find all our Cancellation policies are on the Registration Page.

To see IATDMCT 2021 safety plan of action, please visit our Safe Meeting page.


Participation to IATDMCT 2021 in short, on-site and virtual participation

Participants (non-authors) can choose if they want to register with the Virtual participation special case or one of the fees to participate on-site to the Congress;
Authors who can travel can choose one of the fees to participate on-site to the Congress;
Authors of oral presentations who cannot travel due to local and international restrictions or that need to be necessarily quarantined upon their return can register and present with the Virtual participation special case;
Authors of posters who cannot travel can choose the Poster Printing Service during the registration and register the Virtual participation special case;
– If a participant or author registered with one of the fees to participate on-site to the Congress needs to change to a Virtual participation special case due to new restrictions, they will be reimbursed with the difference of the price;
– If a participant or author registered with the Virtual participation special case and wants to change to one of the fees to participate on-site to the Congress can write to the Organizing Secretariat for support.


What’s better than starting the morning tasting a cup of an excellent Italian cappuccino and very fresh brioche while sitting at the table, chatting about TDM and/or clinical toxicology, and sharing opinions and experiences with others colleagues?

If you want to try this fantastic experience, I highly recommend that you take a careful look at the updated program of the Congress! Roundtables have always been an integral part of all IATDMCT Congresses and even the Rome IATDMCT 2021 will have a space dedicated to this pleasant tradition!

In fact, thanks to the tremendous efforts provided by the IATDMCT scientific committees and the availability of their members, we have been able to identify 9 roundtables (3 for each day) dealing with “hot topics” in the fields of TDM/CT that, we hope, will be of great interest to members of our Society!

Be careful! In order not to alter the nature of the roundtables, seats are limited! I highly recommend that you take a look at the program, choose the roundtables of your interest, and book them immediately!

Dario Cattaneo

President-Elect IATDMCT, and member of the Local Organizing Committee

Take a look at the Program and book your Roundtable.


The proposed theme for the IATDMCT 2021 follows coherently with the themes of the last Congresses, ie. pharmacokinetics, pharmacogenomics, toxicology, the analysis of drugs in biological fluids and new analytical applications, the safety of patients and so on.
The program will therefore be focused on the process of using concentrations of drugs, on the principles of pharmacokinetic and on the pharmacodynamic relationships, in order to optimize therapy in individual patients. Particular attention will be paid to the following topics:

Pharmacology/Therapeutic Drug Monitoring:
  • Anti-infective Agents

  • Immunosuppressants

  • Alternative Sampling Strategy

  • Pharmacogenetics

  • Pharmacometrics

  • TDM in Oncology

  • TDM of Biologics

  • TDM in real word

  • Nanotechnologies/nanomedicine

  • Others

Clinical Toxicology:
  • Clinical Toxicology/Drug of Abuse

  • Clinical Toxicology/Environmental Health

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